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What Would the World be Without Your Story?

What would the world be without the mountains you have climbed, the loss, the silent battles, the discrimination, the unforeseen. You have gone to places you’ve never dreamt of going, Some good, some bad, but all necessary. You have overcome valleys you didn't think were possible, revealing your true strength.

What would the world be without you disproving the ones who don't see your vision, But most importantly, disproving the negative voice in your own head. Trying your best to see the light each day, Knowing that those who break barriers encounter the most resistance, And on the other side of resistance, there is freedom. Freedom to continue creating, freedom to keep dreaming, freedom to define what success means to you.

What would the world be without you climbing down the mountain to one day tell of all you saw, the people you met, the tactics you learned, and unlearned. Climbing down the mountain to remember where you came from. Climbing down to realize you just created a blueprint that you needed during your journey.

So next time when it all feels too heavy, just stop & think,
What would the world be without my story?